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Do I Repair or Replace My Boiler?

When faced with an old or malfunctioning boiler, deciding whether to repair or replace it is crucial. This decision becomes even more pressing during colder months when a boiler breakdown can be particularly inconvenient and costly. In this blog, we will explore the key factors to consider in making the best choice for your boiler needs.

boiler repair vs replace

So, do I need to repair or replace my boiler?

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration.


The financial aspect is often the first to be weighed when deciding between repair and replacement. While a new boiler can be a significant investment, costing up to £3,000, it is important to view this as a one-time expense that can save money in the long run. Older boilers that frequently break down can accumulate repair costs quickly, potentially surpassing the cost of a new unit over time. Additionally, new boilers come with manufacturer guarantees, providing peace of mind and financial security.


Efficiency is a critical factor in this decision. Modern A-rated boilers are up to 20% more efficient than older models. If your existing boiler is outdated, it likely consumes more energy, leading to higher monthly utility bills. Upgrading to a new, energy-efficient boiler can result in substantial savings, sometimes exceeding £300 annually. This means the initial investment in a new boiler can be recouped within a year, making it a financially sound decision.


Safety should always be a primary concern when evaluating your boiler. Ensuring the well-being of your household involves having a Gas Safe registered engineer inspect your boiler. This professional assessment will determine whether repairing or replacing your boiler is the safer option. An inspection will provide a comprehensive review of the boiler's performance and potential hazards, guiding you toward the best course of action.

Age of Boiler

The age of your boiler plays a significant role in this decision. Boilers over 15 years old are generally less energy-efficient and more prone to frequent breakdowns. In such cases, replacing the boiler can offer better performance and long-term savings. Newer models are designed to meet higher efficiency standards, ensuring a more reliable heating system for your home.

Extent of Damage

Assessing the extent of the damage to your boiler is crucial. Minor issues, such as a faulty thermostat or a leaking valve, are often straightforward and cost-effective to fix. However, severe damage, like rusted pipes or a cracked heat exchanger, can indicate that replacement is the more sensible and cost-effective option.

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